fieldrecordings 2012

Ein Gespenst

A Ghost


 We started the project reading the chapter “ A ghost” by Walter Benjamin of his autobiographic sketches “Berlin childhood around 1900”. The text deals with a robbery which took place in the summerhouse in Babelsberg in the presence of the whole family, . This incident is connected in a mysterious manner with a dream of the young Author. The whole story takes place on the threshhold between being awake and dreaming, reality and fantasy.


The composition of the sound collective intertwines the literary narrative strings with the annihilation of the temporal linearity overlappingelectro acoustic and performative media. Prominent motives of the story are reenacted live and modified with sounds, the text serves as material for playful word-poetry.


M.I.R. Mutationen

A Smartphone_Radiodrama_App.

Are you tired and exhausted after working? Cant you remember when was the last time you saw your friends? Would you like to have more quality of your everyday life? This novel researche of the department of neuropharmacology deals exactly with this questions of the modern achievement-oriented-society. The enhancement of your intellectual power is not a utopia. The fortune lies at your fingertips.

The optimized brain enjoys ongoing and sustained abilities. Discover the world of Saichi Solutions whilest navigating with the Saichi Finder through your city.


M.I.R is a research project of the University of arts and design in Karlsruhe. In pilot schemes the students and collaborators put the possibilities of new technologies to test in order to remodel the radio in times of the ubiquitous internet.

M.I.R. wants to demonstrate new possibilities of radio art such as:

radio-dramas which take place in special locations, radio documentations which can be listened to on the spot of the real life events,

trans-reality games which mix reality and fiction, public space as a scenery. And most importantly, this new possibilities should enable the listeners to participate in the creation of the new radio.

Kulturutopie - Workshop

Utopia cultural-workshop


Utopia-the -”the none existent place” - the vision of a better world

What possibilities are there to make the world sound?


The aim of the workshop was to learn more about different forms of storytelling and to develop together a tale consisting of sounds.

Everything was permitted:

sounds, music, spoken word and interviews with the musicians, makers, visitors and artists of the festival.


Family love

My parents used to say: “Eat something to become something! I never followed this rule but nevertheless I made something out of my life.” Steffi 26 years


family love, a radio-drama of Sarah Thoele

spoken by Anne Lessmeister (approx.6 min)


Original version mastered for 5.1

premiere in the Festival ARD Hörspieltage 2010

Die Künstlerin Sarah Thöle arbeitet in ihren akustischen Werken mit der Verflechtung von realen Umgebungen, fiktiven Erzählungen und musikalischen Elementen, womit sie es ihren Zuhörern möglich macht ihre vertraute Welt aus einer neuen Perspektive wahrzunehmen.

Ihr Schwerpunkt liegt auf akustischen Spielformen zwischen Kunst und Medien, wobei immer die Frage im Vordergrund steht : Wieviel Aufmerksamkeit braucht das Zuhören und wie kann es durch das Hinzufügen anderer Elemente unterstützt und erweitert werden?



Based on her intensive studies of radio- and sound-art, space plays a central role in the work of Sarah Thöle. The history of a place provides the framework in which the reception of the story takes place. The integration of real-world environments, fictional narratives and musical elements empowers the recipient to perceive his familiar world from a new perspective. In collaboration with other areas of Media Art, Sarah always likes to keep one question in mind: How much attention is needed to listen and how can it be supported and enhanced by other elements? 


En sus obras acústicas la artista Sarah Thöle entreteje ambientes reales, cuentos ficticios y elementos musicales con la visión de permitirle al escucha percibir su realidad a través de nuevas perspectivas.

Trabajando en conjunto con artistas de otros medios ella siempre mantiene en primer plano la pregunta: ¿Que tanto énfasis necesita la parte auditiva? y, ¿de que manera puede ser realizada y ampliada a través de otros elementos?