Un exciting night full of performance and entertainment awaited the guests of the Bento bar in Karlsruhe. The Highlight of the night was the tombola, in which the visitors could win a most precious price: Each night 3 guests were chosen to participate in a performative theater-play named Background-roars. The production was designed for only one spectator and was showed three times each night.


Background-roars was the result of the correspondent Seminar held by professor Beatrix von Pilgrim and the dramaturge Henning Fülle.

The department of scenography of the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe focuses on strategies of Media-, Sound-, Installation- , and Performance- Art and aims to open new perspectives working within space.

The project was funded by the company FSB.

Konzept und Realisierung: Michaela Boschert, JoHanna Lenz, Friederike Nickel, Nicolas Rauch, Sarah Thöle
Betreuung: Prof. Beatrix von Pilgrim, Henning Fülle
Schauspiel: Heinz Röser- Dümmig, Aki Tougiannidis, Georgios Tzitzikos
DJ und Moderator: Hendrik Vogel, Norman S. Paul

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Space/ 7

Space/ 7 was created within the GOPUBLIC Project.

The exhibition Night-ride was realized in July 2007 and the Park of the Castle in Karlsruhe and registered a record of 1000 visitors within only a few hours.

Only for one an art and media landscape with a large scope of performancesand installations was set up in the middle of nature. Experiments with Images, light, and sounds extended over the whole area of the park. A luminous orientation-system marked the tracks between stations. There were manifold opportunities for the visitors to participate, through which new horizons and interest for art could be opened.

Die Künstlerin Sarah Thöle arbeitet in ihren akustischen Werken mit der Verflechtung von realen Umgebungen, fiktiven Erzählungen und musikalischen Elementen, womit sie es ihren Zuhörern möglich macht ihre vertraute Welt aus einer neuen Perspektive wahrzunehmen.

Ihr Schwerpunkt liegt auf akustischen Spielformen zwischen Kunst und Medien, wobei immer die Frage im Vordergrund steht : Wieviel Aufmerksamkeit braucht das Zuhören und wie kann es durch das Hinzufügen anderer Elemente unterstützt und erweitert werden?



Based on her intensive studies of radio- and sound-art, space plays a central role in the work of Sarah Thöle. The history of a place provides the framework in which the reception of the story takes place. The integration of real-world environments, fictional narratives and musical elements empowers the recipient to perceive his familiar world from a new perspective. In collaboration with other areas of Media Art, Sarah always likes to keep one question in mind: How much attention is needed to listen and how can it be supported and enhanced by other elements? 


En sus obras acústicas la artista Sarah Thöle entreteje ambientes reales, cuentos ficticios y elementos musicales con la visión de permitirle al escucha percibir su realidad a través de nuevas perspectivas.

Trabajando en conjunto con artistas de otros medios ella siempre mantiene en primer plano la pregunta: ¿Que tanto énfasis necesita la parte auditiva? y, ¿de que manera puede ser realizada y ampliada a través de otros elementos?